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"How You Can Create Unlimited Income Using Automatic Cues to Action -  Even If You've Never Sold Online Before!"


"Christopher Westra walks his talk, writes from experience, and most of all knows this business like no one else. I highly recommend "I Create Cash - Cyborg Selling"! 

Mike Dooley  Author - Infinite Possibilities:  The Art of Living Your Dreams

Discover the secret persuasion techniques that will enable you to live the life you've dreamed

...and you can have it Now!    

"This book is a goldmine Christopher. In my experience of marketing my own services I know that all that you write here is true. "People don't buy products, they buy altered states of emotion", jumped at me from one of the pages and there are hundreds of instances where I read more of those kinds of gems in your book.

This book is one that I will go back to, time and time again. I won't be able to do without it when creating a campaign. It is loaded with thousands of strategies and ways of thinking about my marketing and advertising that will increase my effectiveness in attracting greater success for my business. This book truly is a marketing tool that's a "must have".

I can't spot a single aspect you did not cover, it's very clear that you've done the research and that you speak from personal experience. I will recommend this book to all my friends who are in business for themselves. It is excellent. Add me to your Cyborg fan club."

Thea Westra - Life Coach

You Get All This With Cyborg Selling...

The wealth and abundance you desire!

The ability to make money while doing what you love.

Confidence and competence in selling anything to anybody!

An automated business that floats in money 24 hours a day.

The Knowledge of how the human mind really works!

Insight into your own mind.  You will become aware of how automatic your own decisions are. 

View the short movie below.  Yes, selling and happiness are both formed in the mind first!  Learn the secrets of holographic creation.




From:  Christopher Westra
Author - I Create Cash - Cyborg Selling and Many Other Books

Dear Friend - 

Find out how powerful you really are.  You can achieve all your dreams!  

William James said, "To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions."

Your life can change right now!  A year ago I worked in a prison - yes a prison, and now I have my own business making much more than I did at that job.

The automatic income flows in even on the days I don't work, even when I'm on vacation.  I recently went to Hawaii with my wife for eight days and made $2362.00 profit during that time, without touching a computer!  Passive Income is truly fun.

Cyborg Selling is the Key to Creating Unlimited Income Online.  If you want the financial independence from your own business, and the satisfaction of being your own boss, then this might be the most important letter you will ever read!

Here's why - 

I'll teach you the 11 principles of automatic action - exactly how people think (or don't think), and what makes them want to buy any product.  For each of the 11 Cyborg Selling principles I'll give you seven specific, powerful ways to use them to increase your bottom line.

Sail the Online "C's" with these 11 Cyborg Secrets:

Credibility - Automatic Trust of Authority (chapter 4)

Constructing an Image - Automatic Imagination (chapter 5)

Contacting the Desires - Automatic Craving (chapter 6)

Contribution - Automatic Desire to Give Back (chapter 7)

Comparison and Contrast - Automatic Perspective (chapter 8)

Commonality - Automatic Liking and Bonding (chapter 9)

Consistency - Automatic Living Up to Expectation (chapter 10)

Connection - Automatic Association and Linking (chapter 11)

Conditional Offers - Automatic Urgency (chapter 12)

Conformity - Automatic Looking for Approval (chapter 13)

Characteristic - Automatic Desire for the Unique (chapter 14)

You'll get examples and details of each - and  a Cyborg Checklist that you will never want to be without when creating an ad campaign or developing new business opportunities.  You will be blown away to discover you use these automatic programs also!


Christopher has experience selling in numerous fields.  He's been using these Cyborg Selling principles for a while, but waited until he had a proven track record to share them with you.  That time is now!

He's written books and sold in many online markets, including - 

Alternative Health - with his book on the Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet

Human Potential - with his book I Create Reality - Beyond Visualization:  How You Can Use Holographic Creation to Manifest Your Own Reality

Parenting - with his book on How to Potty Train Your Child in Five Hours

Spiritual Health - with his book Realms of Joy - Time of Light:  How You Can Live in Holographic Time for Extreme Wealth and Success

Self-Help - with his book on Easy Stress Cure

You'll have a proven expert to guide you straight to the nuts and bolts of how to sell -

Christopher Westra has a degree in psychology and has studied the principles of the mind for over twenty five years!

Recently Christopher applied his knowledge of human decision making to his online sales efforts with tremendous results.  Through "people research" he found that people use shortcuts when making decisions.  They don't think logically, they run "mind programs".

He discovered exactly what these programs are and how to use them to sell online more productively than ever before!

Cyborg Selling Consultations are offered for $299 an hour, but you can learn what you need from this book for less.

You get the following amazing secrets, tips & techniques from this book (and so much more)!

Why you never again need to work for someone else!

How to give real value to people with your mind energy, which makes them want to purchase from you!

How to stop selling products that you don't believe in, and how to find or create products that you truly love.

How to think in ways that let you sell naturally and effortlessly!

Why most methods of selling are simply exercises in futility, and what effective selling really is.

How to gain incredible financial freedom for yourself and your family.

How to easily and simply overcome people's objections to purchasing , without them even knowing.

How you can create miracles in your business that will bring more customers into your life than you ever dreamed of!

How to use Cyborg Selling to create a business that you love to work at!

How anxiety and fear are generated with other selling methods, and how to destroy these dual bandits with extreme confidence in your ability!

Why our perception of our customers matters, and how to treat everyone like a customer all the time.

What the single greatest desire is for people, and how to market to this desire.

Exactly how the human mind decides to make a purchase!

Picture of Christopher and Family

How to use automatic cues to sell rather than logical arguments.

How to give customers the wholeness and satisfaction that they really crave!

How to sell emotional states, and which two emotional states are the top
two sellers.

The seven simple steps to add more believability to your presentation.

How to become a published author in just a few days, giving you instant
credibility in your field of expertise.

Cyborg Selling and the expert use of language - How to increase the power of your words and the effect they have on your customers.

Why Cyborg Selling makes it so easy to create the reality you want!  

Why regular selling makes it hard to enjoy your own business, and how Cyborg Selling makes it a fun game of spontaneous value creation!

How to capitalize on the skills and abilities you have to build a successful online empire. 

How to create beautiful pictures for your customers, pictures they will construct for themselves in their "mind's eye".

You wouldn't be reading this unless you want more from business than you currently have.  Cyborg Selling will change the way you sell at a foundational level.

The art of persuasion is one of the most important skills you can learn!  We are actually born with this ability, but we get trained out of it by culture and education.

Get back in touch with your instinctive marketing ability!

How to spark imagination and desire through carefully constructed magnetic words and phrases.

How to use the lawyer's technique of "leading the witness" to put thoughts into your customer's minds in a powerful way.

The distinct choice we have of putting our energy and passion behind our selling, or selling the boring way.  Hint - Boring is Bad!

How our abundance mentality or scarcity mentality directly influence our marketing approach, and how to increase your own belief in abundance.

How to create stories that grip the customer and lead to emotional experiences and sales!

What the seven areas of human desire are, and how to connect with these desires in your marketing.

The two ways to change human behavior, and how both are used in Cyborg Selling. 

How Cyborg Selling separates the men from the boys in the virtual world.  

Why we love our favorite mood altering activities, and how Cyborg Selling appeals to customer's natural desire to experience emotions!

The financial benefits of changing your attitude toward marketing, and how Cyborg Selling can make you very wealthy.

The top seven ways of using comparison and contrast in your selling, and what optical illusions can teach us about contrast and perception.

How best to present the opportunity lost scenario to prompt quick action to to avoid losing out on your deal!

How to get Cyborgs to like you.  People who like you will want to buy.

Exactly how to get people to want to buy your product as much as you want to buy this one!  I use all the Cyborg Selling principles on this page and you know you want to buy this book.  See, Cyborg Selling really works!

Warning - Don't read this book unless you want to:

1)  Massively change the way you approach business and selling.

2)  Give true value in your products.  If you want money but don't want to give value in return, then don't buy this book

3)  Take full accountability for creating your life and financial destiny.

4)  Be led into your own true business,  fulfilling your mission in life.

5)  Discover how to make unlimited income while doing what you love!

Consider the Following

Wouldn't you like to experience the ease and simplicity of selling with automatic cues, rather than through logic and argument?

Wouldn't you like to know about energetic emotional marketing, and how to instantly create the emotions you want your customer to feel?

Are you beginning to see how to sell effortlessly and easily using the Cyborg 77-item checklist as a guide?

Wouldn't you like to have total responsibility for your life, rather than feel like a victim of circumstances, tossed to and fro?

Wouldn't you love to feel totally confident with anybody, anywhere, rather than doubtful and inferior?

Are you beginning to see how Cyborg Selling will influence all areas of your life?  

Can you see how powerful it is to know how the principles of persuasion affect the human mind?

Wouldn't you like to have an instruction manual with specific exercises that teach you how to do Cyborg Selling?

Are you beginning to see how Cyborg Selling will massively change your life for the better?

You obviously are open minded.  You're here reading about cyborgs, imagination, virtual reality, and selling in cyberspace.

You know, there is no income limit in cyberspace, online selling exists outside time and space.  Time and space are not ultimate realities anyway, but just conscious creations for temporary use in this dimension.

You can learn in this book how to transform your business through the powerful experience of Cyborg Selling.  You will be given the tools you need to create the cash flow and life of your dreams.

This book is without question the quickest and most fundamental way to remove all your limitations and open up a whole new perspective.  That's the best thing you get from Cyborg Selling, a new way of thinking, and how you think is everything!

The present is your point of power and in fact, the only time that exists, ever!  Use this point of power now to make a decision that will improve the rest of your life.

Your Potential for Online Sales is Growing in An Incredibly Rapid Way!  

  • Millions of people are learning to use and make purchases on the internet.  The market is larger than we ever thought possible.

  • There are more opportunities than ever before in history to use your resources to create wealth and abundance.

  • Discover the benefits that others are experiencing

  • As more and more people shop online for goods and services, you can use these customers to catapult your business and create an income river that will keep flowing for the rest of your life!

Why an Ebook?  Discover the Benefits!

Millions are reading Ebooks and Here's Why

1  Save Money - No shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices.   

2  Control Viewing - Read online or print out a hardcopy.  

Read Easily - Enlarge or reduce text size with a click.

4  Navigate Easily -  Hyperlinked Table of Contents.

5  Search Effortlessly Search capabilities with PDF format.

6  Purchase Easily Use Credit Card, book is delivered digitally.

7  Access Instantly - You will be reading your book within minutes.

8  Choose Printing Options Print a few pages at a time.

9  Save Paper Print multiple pages on one sheet.

10 Be Guilt Free No fossil fuels used for Ebook distribution.

11 Enjoy Variety - Able to change text and background colors.

12 Read Anywhere - Adobe Reader is free, for any computer.

13 Store Easily - If you ever lose the book, just download again.

14 Use Live Internet Links - When reading online.

  • I Create Cash - Cyborg Selling is (including bonuses below) in PDF (Adobe) format.  It's 125 pages long (longer with bonuses).

  • You can get the Adobe Reader absolutely free (if you don't already have it). Just click on the Adobe symbol below to download.   

  • The book and the bonuses are downloaded very easily.  You will be taken directly to the download page after purchase, and given simple instructions.  My personal phone number is on the download page and you can call me for help.  Some people do need to call because this was their first ebook.

  • If you have any trouble at all with the download process, I will make sure you get access to your books.  My customers are my business!   

We are all seeking for the same things.  We all want increased life. It's OK to want to be successful and wealthy.

We are all striving for the same goals (health, happiness, wealth, freedom, achievement, love, purpose).  Cyborg Selling can help you give valuable products to Millions, while also creating the life you want for yourself

You can put these ideas to work in your business and bring incredible results in your life! 

Your Success is Worth it!

Never underestimate the power of one small action outside your comfort zone. Are you still not convinced of the value of this book?  Then take a look at these free bonuses you get.

You get immediate and convenient access to Cyborg Selling, and these bonuses if you act now!

Order now and receive the following free bonuses.

I want to include these bonuses to give you every possible reason to say YES to this offer today! 

If you respond immediately, in addition to Cyborg Selling, you'll also receive the following:  I asked my internet marketing friends for valuable bonuses I could offer, and they delivered!

FREE Gift Bonus #1 Zen and the Art of Ezine Maintenance: (Value - $27)  Thea Westra's 30 page volume on how to operate a successful ezine.  Thea is a Life Coach with her own web business, and she gives info on why to start an ezine, and how to make lots of money with your email list.  This gem also tells about autoresponders, opt in forms, and how to give people just what they want!

FREE Gift Bonus #2  Twenty Three Advantages of an Internet Business:  (Value - $19) This 18 page bonus is written by Christopher Westra, who believes in fully enjoying the freedom and satisfaction of an online business.  There are many people who have a financially successful web business, yet still are slaves to their work.  Learn how to fully cultivate the freedom, joy, and flexibility that can be yours!  

Don't you want to enjoy all 23 advantages, and not just a few?

FREE Gift Bonus #3  Mind Over Money:  Program Your Mind for Wealth!:  (Value - $27) This bonus is a free 30 day e-course from Andreas Ohrt (of Mind Power News) on the mental and energetic aspects of wealth creation.  Andreas told me personally that in his opinion, anyone who tries to make money in any type of enterprise but doesn't work on their inner beliefs will not achieve all they are capable of.  I agree completely, and am happy to offer this program to you.

FREE Gift Bonus #4  How Thoughts Become Things:  (Value - $27) This power packed information by Mike Dooley shows you exactly what to think to produce the results you want in your life!  Everything in your life now is the result of your thoughts.  Learn how to focus on what you really want, to manifest the abundance and happiness you deserve!

FREE Gift Bonus #5  The Ten Steps to Human Empowerment:  (Value - $27) These ten steps to empowerment come from visionary artist and empowerment coach Jeanne Prom.  Learn how to decide what you really want, use the tools you have, get aligned with your higher self, and combine holistic approaches into a total transformational package!  This is another fantastic companion to Cyborg Selling.

FREE Gift Bonus #6- The Science of Getting Rich:  (Value - Priceless)  You will also be given the Ebook that started me on creating my own reality and following my purpose.  I spend 30 minutes a day with this book!  The book is called The Science of Getting Rich.  This book teaches the step by step system that Mr. Wattles says will not fail!

It does tell you how to get rich, but it tells you so much more than that also.  The teachings sent shivers up my spine the first time I read it.  This is the original book with all of Dr. Wattle's famous teachings about transforming your life!

FREE Gift Bonus #7  Fifteen Minute Cyborg Selling Consultation:  (Value - $75) I don't know how long I'll be able to continue these free sessions with the order, so act now.  We can look together at your goals, product, ad copy, audience, or whatever will be most helpful to you!  My phone number is on the download page.

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose with a 100% money-back guarantee

I Create Cash - Cyborg Selling  is unique and not available anywhere else.  With all these bonuses, this package is valued at $202.  But right now I'm offering the entire package for only $36.79

This incredibly low price is temporary - and the value is worth so much more.  You can easily make 100 times your investment through using this information!

Your satisfaction is absolutely assured through my no risk,  100%, no-questions-asked,  money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied, just contact me within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price! 

Please remember that this book is for those who want to jumpstart their online business in a powerful way!  Satisfy your curiosity without risk.  You have the opportunity to:

Try it out for two full months - risk free.  Your transaction is secure and safe, and the download process is simple.  Try it today, even if this is your first Ebook.  If you need help downloading, just email me or call me after purchase and I will help!  About every tenth customer needs help  

If this book doesn't give you solid, practical information to increase success in every area of your life, then you get all your money back!  You can even keep all the bonuses.

You have nothing to lose (and an awesome new life to gain), so order now.

Here's how to order right now!

Click here now to instantly download your Ebook and bonuses. Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special Thank You page where you will download everything.  My phone number is on the download page, if you need any help.  You can also pay with Paypal or online check!


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 It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the night! 

You will be downloading and reading this information within just a few minutes... and using it to create an unlimited income river.

Isn't it about time for you?


Christopher Westra

P.S. - I Create Cash - Cyborg Selling, along with the bonus books will be sold for much more.  I can't guarantee how long the introductory price of $36.79 will last, so act now!  I will be raising the price sometime soon because of the valuable bonuses provided.  The price you pay is a drop in the bucket compared to what you can make with the techniques in this book!

P.P.S. -- Make the decision: If you don't purchase this book, where will you be weeks from now?  Probably right where you are now. Real change comes from unique new ideas.  Get the financial success you want through the motivation and practical secrets provided in this book.  Make an investment in your future.

Wouldn't you like to be skilled in the art of persuasion, and able to create unlimited income?  Gain the ability to create what you really want.  To make your life different, you must start to do things differently.  Start today!

What are you going to do now?

The present moment is all that exists.  Are you going to act on this opportunity?

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click Here NOW 




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